The Charm of Existence
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“Humorous writing at its absolute best!”

“Imaginative, original, fresh... unlike anything else!”

“Thoughtful, serious sections, plus great humor. Fabulous!”

The Charm of Existence Book
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The Charm of Existence Book
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CJ Smith introduces a new form, with new ideas about writing and communication, where imagination is greatly rewarded. The humor in this book is designed to charm the reader, to reach into your imagination and stimulate areas that make you smile thoughtfully. You may laugh at some of the humor, but more important is the charm you experience, and that will depend on you and your ability to see charm in yourself.

This book contains more than humor. It also makes room for serious reflection, and will challenge your perception of the world. Enjoy the humor or the challenging thought, depending on your mood. But whatever you decide, you can be sure to have never read anything like this book before. Enter the world of the Strings with their charming humor, or spend time in the Thought Prologue with its unique reflections. You might be glad you did.