The Charm of Existence
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“Humorous writing at its absolute best!”

“Imaginative, original, fresh... unlike anything else!”

“Thoughtful, serious sections, plus great humor. Fabulous!”

The Charm of Existence Book
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The Charm of Existence Book
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Delightfully humorous, imaginative, and original!  One hilarious piece after another!  A fresh new way of writing, unlike anything else! The Charm of Existence introduces something new and exciting into literature — the String.

You can't help but smile and laugh at these light-hearted humorous pieces.  They're fun, short and easy to read.  But you never know what will happen next to these characters.  Follow the indignant dung beetle with his complaints to God, the living chess piece in the battle of his life, Custer's horse with his hair-raising encounter, and more.  Fresh and original writing, bound to please.

This book contains much more than top-notch humor.  It also makes room for serious reflection, and will challenge your perception of the world.  Enjoy the humor or the challenging thought, depending on your mood.  But whatever you decide, you can be sure to have never read anything like this book before.  Enter the world of the Strings with their wonderful humor, or spend time in the Thought Prologue with its unique reflections.  Experience the two newest innovations in writing!  You will be glad you did.